Planning your Wedding Photos

We always love to be involved with the wedding preparations early on. That way we can help make sure that photographs won’t disrupt your day and you can allow enough time to get the images that you really want.

Many of the couples we work with don’t want any staged photography or group shots, and this un-intrusive, natural style is one that we really enjoy. If you want us to photograph your day in this way we won’t ever interrupt the flow and you don’t have to include any additional time for photography. This style of is really good if you feel unhappy or nervous about posing for the camera. When we work in this way most people are unaware that we are there and after a short while they just relax and enjoy their day.

Other couples like a mixture of our natural reportage photography and some more formal group photographs. We've found that about 10 group shots is an optimum number to allow you to get a good selection without your guests getting too bored. You should allow about 1 hour for 10 group shots with around 100 guests. Things will take a bit longer with more guests and be quicker with less.

It’s best to discuss the location of your group photographs at the pre-wedding meeting. That way we can agree the best location, hopefully ensure there is some shade for the people waiting to be photographed and discuss potential problems with people wandering off and guests who aren’t comfortable or able to stand for long periods. Every couple needs to choose their own set of group shots but we would suggest you go for something like these,


Confetti Shot


B & G with Brides family

B & G with Grooms family

B & G with All friends

B & G with Bridal party

B & G with Parent’s

B & G Parents and Siblings

B & G with Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

If you would like some of our fine art couple photographs, we would normally create these after you wedding breakfast, when everyone is a bit more relaxed. Typically you should allow another hour for these types of photograph.

Obviously this is only a rough guide and each wedding we photograph is different. Once we discuss your individual requirements we can give you a more accurate idea of how long you should allow during the day for photographs. We never forget that your special day is about you and will always plan our photography around you and your guests.