Zoe's 10 tips for selecting your Wedding Photographer

1. Look at the photographer's work. Personal recommendations are great but if you don’t like their work and their photographs don’t talk to you, they may not be the photographer for you.

2. Always meet your photographer beforehand. You need to make sure that the person you meet will be the person that photographs your wedding. Often this is not the case, as larger companies employ many freelance photographers. Zoe and Andrew will always photograph your wedding.

3. Meet at your venue. Always meet your photographer where the ceremony and reception will take place. It’s important to discuss where the various shots can be taken and how your photographer would cope with bad weather or delays on the day. We will always meet beforehand and we are also happy to meet you at a selection of venues for a small additional fee. This may help you with your choice of venue.

4. Make sure the photographer listens to you. Many photographers want to impose their style and standard images on every wedding couple. We always listen to you to ensure the shots we take work for you, we want to reflect your individual personality and your individual day.

5. Make sure you can get on with your photographer. If you don’t have a good relationship with your photographer and you don’t trust their professionalism and creativity, you won’t be relaxed and happy in your photographs.

6. Think about a pre-wedding shoot. This will allow you to meet your photographer and see how you can work together.

7. Ensure you have an agreement. We will always give you a written agreement saying what we will do, when we will do it and how much it will cost you.

8. Ask whether your photographers are qualified. Unfortunately anybody can call themselves a Wedding Photographer but Zoe and Andrew both have 1st Class Honours Degrees in Photographic Practice.

9. Ask whether your photographer is a professional. Many people photograph weddings part time and do full time jobs to earn an income. Zoe and Andrew are full time professional photographers.

10. Find out what your photographer will do if they are ill or break down. Zoe and Andrew will always travel to your wedding separately. Although it has never happened, if one of us were delayed the other is fully equipped and capable to shoot your wedding on their own until the other arrives.