Vivid Art wedding photographers are based in Northampton.

At Vivid Art we don't just document your wedding, the basic recording of people and places is really simple, and let’s face it even your uncle Bob with his compact camera can do that. We specialise in the capture of art, emotion and memories, each of our images contains a never to be repeated often fleeting moment. These experiences are often referred to in reportage photography as the decisive moment, the capture of these moments and emotions takes a high degree of skill and understanding. If you look through our wedding portfolio you will see that each photograph is rich in emotion and is carefully crafted to capture that special day.

After discussing you wedding we will have a clear plan of how we intend to photograph it but part of being a professional photographer is the ability to adapt and modify our plans as your day unfolds. Delays, Grooms that arrive late, catering problems, bad weather are all issues we have had to deal with. As you look through our wedding portfolio you will see the great images taken when it’s raining or even couple or group shots taken at night as we have had adapted to changes in proceedings.     

Vivid Art always provides a personal service, the person you deal with at your first contact, will meet with you, photograph your wedding and process your images. You won’t have to deal with a pushy salesman, have your photography carried out by an unknown freelance photographer and your images processed by a third party.

Zoe and Andrew are BA(Hons) Photography Graduates both with 1st. Class Honours, you can clearly see this in the quality and artistry of their images. They started working together at University and found that their differing styles complemented each other perfectly.

Unless you go for the lowest cost photography package your wedding will be covered by both Zoe and Andrew who travel to you independently. This ensures your peace of mind, knowing that nothing should affect the coverage of your wedding and none of those decisive moments will be lost.

You will be free to copy your CD and distribute the images to whoever you want.

You will receive a written agreement telling you what we will do and when we will do it.

The agreed fee will be the price you pay, we do not have hidden extras.

Most of our work is in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, but Zoe and Andrew are always happy to travel throughout the UK to capture your special day.

If you want to know more about Vivid Art Wedding Photographers contact Zoe or Andrew.